This pure Federal Era House, was built in 1816 by Judge Jeremiah Sullivan. He lived in it with his wife and family until his death in 1870. He was a Virginia gentleman, a graduate of William and Mary College, a soldier and prominent lawyer throughout Indiana.

He was appointed a Judge of the Supreme Court of Indiana and sat upon the bench of that court from 1837 to 1848. It was during this time that he rose to fame through his legal decisions and opinions, decisions that are used to this day. He had the honor of naming the city of Indianapolis.

This house was the first two-story brick in Madison and was considered the first mansion in those early days. The large side galleries and the iron work on the front entrance are all original. The doorway is very beautiful, a style characteristic of,that period, and one that is often sketched by artists and photographed by many people. Nothing has been changed architecturally. The floors, woodwork, and mantles are original and the paint in each room has been restored to its original color. It is interesting to note that the mantels and doors in the entire house are all hand-made and each is different in design.

Great care has been given to detail in decoration. The curtains have been copied from those in the American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum in New York, of the period of 1815-1820. The wallpapers throughout are reproductions of designs,of that era. The paper in the hall is called the President Madison paper as he was president at the time.

The room on the third floor has an East and West window. The floor is poplar boards and original. They are hand-hewn with a broad-axe and vary from 12 to 14 inches in width. The colored help employed by Mr. Sullivan lived in buildings on the grounds in the back and the cooking was done in a large fireplace in the basement. The grounds originally covered a quarter section.

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