Sights in and around Madison

In 1943, during World War II, Madison was picked by the Office of War Information as a "typical American town." Movies were made of it and had global distribution. It was shown to tired and weary soldiers in the battle areas and was told that this is what you are fighting for. In 1958 Madison was the setting for the movie "Some Came Running." In 1977 Madison had the honor of being picked as one of the three winners of the Main Street U.S.A. program sponsored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the United States Chamber of Commerce.

River boats and small pleasure craft provide amusement and recreation on the Ohio River. The Delta Queen, the last of the old passenger-carrying stern wheelers, makes Madison one of its few regularly scheduled stops. As Madison grew, the importance of river traffic increased. In spite of good transportation overland, the water route now handles a larger volume of cargos annually than clears through the Panama Canal.

Madison is located in the triangle formed by Indianapolis, Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Ohio known as the "Golden Triangle" because of its unique combination of economic potential and attractive life style.

The area is a growing center of diversified industries and power generation. It also offers more open space for recreation than any other area in the midwest, ranging from the Ohio River and large reservoirs to diversified State and private recreation areas offering camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and golf, plus many more opportunities too numerous to name. This unspoiled area has over ten scenic acres of land for every person, and yet there are over four and one half million persons seated on the Historic Hoosier Hills doorsteps in the metropolitan areas of Louisville, Indianapolis and Cincinnati.

Come to Madison----you won't get bored!

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